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Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics is a wide category of inquiry that will allow you to make drive changes and improvements in business practices. It comprises of predictive analytics, data mining, big data analytics, location intelligence and much more. All these technologies are frequently used in industries such healthcare, and others.

Workshop/Vehicle Tracking

A vehicle tracking system is a combination of automatic vehicle locations that are present in vehicles with a software used for the collection of fleet data. Through this system, and the GPS vehicle tracking, you can determine the location and track the movement of cars, vans or heavy goods.

Account Management

This feature is an authentication feature through which you can identify and control the state of users logged into the network. You can also create and manage login credentials for all individual users. The users need only one user name along with a password and they will be able to view all available data, which will increase convenience.

Route Tracking

Another feature of ERP is Route tracking. It is a system similar to vehicle tracking, but with the added advantage of using your android phones for track/loading routes. Your own route and location can be shared with anyone. This system is helpful to field service companies as it increases the appointments per day, reduces travel time per job and total fuel costs by accurately helping you reach your destination.

Advanced Booking

Advance booking is done so that there is an availability of the fares and cheaper cost. The earlier you buy the tickets, the lower the cost will be. The price of the fare increases with the passage of time, therefore Advance fares provide great value for money and you can utilize them for long distance trips.

Secured Login

Secured Login is added to ERP for the sole purpose of keeping your user names and passwords confidential. It works by ensuring that forms and user logins are submitted through HTTPs which is a secured route. It also prevents any kind of hijacking by implementing secure authenticated cookie session so that your data remains protected.

Industries We Have Already Worked With

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The lifeline for your business, the transport sector plays the role that blood vessels play in the human body. Pumping your products from the manufacturing heart of your organization, the transport sector is a vital part of any company. Our ERP includes solutions for the Transport sector which includes our highly innovative and efficient Transport Management System (TMS).


Arguably one of the most complex and critical industries in the world, pharmaceutical resource planning is essential for the success of any organization. This sector is what keeps faith strong in the society and without it everything could fall into chaos. Termed as the liver of the society in relation to the human body, the pharmaceutical sector is essential for control of toxins and chemicals.


Manufactured products do not transport themselves. They have to be carried through a proper channel and that is the cargo channel. Think of swallowing food when you eat; if the food were to pass into your windpipe you would choke. Similarly cargo is the designated channel through which all products must pass before they are released for transport. A good cargo management system is the backbone for efficient working of the company.

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Our expert and professional attitude is what you need to bring a spark of innovation in your business. Our dedicated experts will ensure that your business has the strongest presence all around.

We Automate your Job

The ERP solutions that we provide our aimed at removing your daily management hassles and will relieve you of mundane tasks. So stop worrying and get our ERP solutions.

We know the tricks of the trade:

Having been involved in ERP for a long time, we can judge what techniques will work best for you. Trust us to take you to higher echelons of success and fame.

Enhanced Customer Service

Our ERP solutions provide you with much more efficient customer service. This is made possible because we use one source for billing as well as relationship tracking.

Make Better and Faster Decisions

With our unique ERP solutions, decision making will be much easier for you and you will drastically cut down the time required to analyze options.

Streamline processes

Our resource planning will optimize all information flow channels in your organization and ensure that all processes are operating at maximum efficiency.

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