Want to know Who we are?

At eeGames Studio Pvt. Ltd.,  we are a bunch of highly qualified and motivated specialists, with all the required skills in our arsenal to get your job done. Yep! We have it all. Some of the best software engineers in the business, finance experts who manage the things in the commercial field.

Our marketing pros keep coming up with different ways to modify and improve our business model, ensuring the needs of different clients are catered to maximum precision and extreme satisfaction.

As we manage a huge workload of different projects, our team of project management consultants ensures quality of the products, and tests the model in different aspects, adding value to an already flourishing team of professionals. All our professionals from different departments work together to achieve one common goal: Client satisfaction.

Contact us through our social media portals like Facebook, Twitter and Linked in, through our website or email and we will get back to you within record time. Our support team is ready 24/7 to answer your enquiries. Our team is especially conscious about understanding the requirements of the assignment presented by the client. Our team breaks down the sample into threads like:

  • Short term goals
  • Important key terms
  • Crucial requirements
  • Value Addition

The portal to our site helps the client pinpoint these terms and our 24/7 support operatives make sure that the client is facilitated throughout the process. After the detailed understanding of the job, our team helps the client set up a reasonable payment scale that covers some basic milestones preset by mutual collaboration between the client and the team.

The prices are suited to the needs of the client and also compensate for the efforts put in by the team to ensure the delivery of the said product. Our team facilitates multiple payment options. Contact us now to know which options we support.

As mentioned before, the preset milestones are taken very seriously here, and the client is updated about the progress on the project continuously. The setting of these milestones largely depend upon the total size of the project, the workload provided, the deadlines presented and most importantly by the consent of the client. The client judges the progress based on the completions of the milestones, and is always open to suggest changes or preferences about the project during the developmental stage.

We also present several demos after the project has been accomplished before the “completion” stage of the product. Each of our creations is like our babies, and we prefer taking the project to completion with the client as opposed to simply develop it. After rigorous testing of the product by our quality assessment board through industrial standards, the product is finally launched into the deployment stage as a huge success for the client and a source of extreme pride for us. We have a growing community of clientele and we make sure that the clients feel every penny paid is worth the effort put in by our esteemed experts. We love getting feedback from the client and shortening our short comings as soon as possible to the best of our abilities.